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18 years
Level 3 Certified Fitness Instructor or 18years and above
Weekday Batch:
6 Months
Weekend Batch:
9 Months


Classic Fitness:
Course Details

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the science behind functional training and how to apply it to each client
  • Learn how to assess posture and basic movements of the human body. 
  • Help clients improve their balance and proprioception 
  • Learn how to design programs and integrate training tools based on your clients goals.
  • Learn how to pro- and regress movement patterns for different types of fitness levels ? from beginner-to-advance.
  • Learn the basic warm-up strategy, mobility drills, cool-down, foam rolling and stretching techniques ? from beginner-to-advance.

Coach clients how to load and unload the body and how to manage momentum

The course will cover:

- Theory of functional training

- Assessments

- Functional Suspension Training

- RIP Trainer

- Olympic Lifting 

- Kettlebell 

- Plyometrics 

- Medicine ball/bosu/swiss ball workout

- Battle rope / Ladder /sandbag workouts

Documents Required:

-       Educational Proof (Two)

-       Id and Address Proof (Two)

-       Passport size Photograph (Five)

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