What do we do?

We have an aim of spreading the right knowledge about fitness. Fitness is the call of the day with many diseases rooted in a bad lifestyle. This widens the scope of a career in the fitness industry day by day. We understand the importance of good education in this field, which not only makes you work in this field but also influences the people around you. Hence, we focus on:
- Maintaining international standards for trainers in India
- Keeping abreast with new changing fitness trends
- Promoting safe and effective training for all
- Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for all individuals of the society

Need For Certification
  • Why do you need a certification?
  • To keep up with the global trends in health and fitness
  • To create better earning and growth opportunities for trainers
  • To foster chances of being selected by international chains
  • To promote safe, rehabilitative and injury-free training methodology
  • Classic Fitness Academy branches out in the following locations: South Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Jaipur and Ludhiana.

Affiliations When you pursue a training program from Classic Fitness Academy, you get certification or diploma affiliated to any one or more of the following esteemed bodies: American Council on Exercise European Register of Exercise Professionals Jain University (Diploma) NSDC, SPEFL



Certified Students