Program Details

18 years
Level 3 Certified Fitness Instructor or 18years and above
Weekday Batch:
6 Months
Weekend Batch:
9 Months


Course Details

Learning Objectives:

Learn the science behind functional training and how to apply it to each client.
Learn how to assess posture and basic movements of the human body.
Help clients improve their balance and proprioception.
Learn how to design programs and integrate training tools based on your clients goals.
Learn how to pro- and regress movement patterns for different types of fitness levels ? from beginner-to-advance.
Learn the basic warm-up strategy, mobility drills, cool-down, foam rolling and stretching techniques ? from beginner-to-advance.

Coach clients how to load and unload the body and how to manage momentum

The course will cover:

-Theory of functional training

- Assessments

-Functional Suspension Training

- RIP Trainer

- Olympic Lifting

- Kettlebell

- Plyometrics

- Medicine ball/bosu/swiss ball workout

- Battle rope / Ladder /sandbag workouts

Documents Required:

-Educational Proof (Two)

-Id and Address Proof (Two)

-Passport size Photograph (Five)

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